Sunday, May 8, 2011

For My Mother : Happy Mothers Day

Some time ago.. a woman existed.. childlike and cute
Pretty as a mermaid and eyes like dew
She was born when i was born.. She was the mother in you..
She never existed before.. the feeling was new..
Yes.. she was the mother in you..

You were anxious.. and you were nervous
You had in your arms, a new life.. which left you clueless..
You soon realised it would'nt be as easy as a stroll..
Coz from now ... your heart will walk outside your soul

You gave me your wings.. when i wanted to fly
You cried with me.. when i wanted to cry
You became my strength .. when i was shy
You became my earth.. you became my sky

It killed you to see me grow inch by inch..
Though you knew it would kill you more if I dint..
You wanted to capture my every imprint
From my first footstep to my first eye blink

You patiently listened.. when i wanted to talk
You helped me untangle.. when there was a deadlock
You saw me grow.. to designer saree from a lacy frock
You always imagined.. you always thought...
the day your daughter.. will enter a wedlock

You visualised every bit... you fancied the shimmer
You imagined how she would dazzle in gold and sliver..
Would it be gowdy or would you keep it simpler
But that day you will bless her to be happy forever..

"As is the mother.. so is her daughter".. as this proverb says
I promise to be like you.. in life and its every phase
You are most precious and will always be
Thanks for being the best mom..
Lest i would never be..

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Why are women obsessed with beauty?

Why do women spend half of their budget on cosmetics? Why do they look in the mirror every time they walk besides it? Why are they so worried about their complexion, dark spots, flab and breast size? Frankly speaking, I have never met any woman who was totally satisfied with the way she looks. I am sure even Aishwarya Rai and Katreena would agree to this. Although, I was never so obsessed with beauty, neither did I spend much on cosmetics but thinking deeply even I was never delighted with the way I look. And that made me ponder over the reasons why we as women do so. Is it inner consciousness or is it an influence of external factors.
Beauty is a parameter which has been disproportionately placed over women to achieve by society. You like it or not, there is immense pressure from everywhere to conform to beauty standards. The pressure ranges from blatant encouragement and dictation of behavior to subtle and unconscious behavior-reinforcement from people around. You realize that the day you are groomed, you are treated better. Women treat this as a subtle incentive and think that the social reward is worth the effort and time they spent in grooming themselves. By grooming, I do not just mean looking neat and formal, I mean all the painful procedures that women undergo to look well groomed like threading, waxing, facials, removing black heads, wearing uncomfortable high heels and multiple things that make them attractive.
The standards of beauty for us are still lower; hence we just restrict ourselves to grooming. While when I think about women who make a living based on looks like models and actresses, the beauty standards are way too high. Think about Heidi Montag- 10 surgeries in a day?
Women in china undergo foot binding (from the age of 3) to achieve lotus foot- which ultimately cripples them for life.
In Indonesia, women get their neck stretched to over twice its natural length using brass rings since they are very young. By the time the woman is full grown, she may have as much as 20 lbs. of metal around her neck that is now 10” – 15” long. Having that much weight on top your shoulders is uncomfortable thus restraining them in even ordinary tasks such as drinking water from a cup or looking up.
Women pull out their hair for an unnaturally receded hairline in England. American women undergo corset training for enhancing breasts and creating an extremely thin waistline thus restricting their ability to breath.
Indian women apply harmful chemicals like bleach and a variety of fairness creams thus spoiling the quality of their skin over a period of time at a promise of better complexion. Women go on strict diets and almost starvation causing anorexia and cessation of menses at an early age. Is the social reward really worth it?

They say “Beauty is Skin Deep”. Is it time to rethink the above proverb?

In my view standards of beauty have been different for different people. The pink, polished, tall high heeled blondes are as beautiful as the salty, dark, wild and curvy women. The Asian browns are as sexy as the Russian short, muscular types. Beauty may not be skin deep, but it definitely has different perceptions for different people. Natural is always beautiful. My advice to women is to start loving themselves the way they are, rather than torturing themselves with painful procedures and emotionally succumbing themselves to the gimmicks of the likes of Fair & Lovely, VLCC, Kaya and many others.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Japan's Earthquake : A start to the end of humanity

Japan's earthquake ..then tsunami and then the nuclear reactor episode has sent shock waves across the world. But still life goes on...Humans have a very peculiar tendency, they do not realise disaster until it actually happens to them. Over 8000 ppl dead and more than 12000 missing - does it impact us in any single way?
I just wonder what could be the reason for this : Are we too busy or Are we selfish or We think we can do nothing about it so no point thinking about it or we just conveniently tend to forget about it. Some of us might even donate some money .
Individuals are doing it, banks are doing it — faced with the horrific news and pictures from Japan, everybody wants to do something, and the obvious thing to do is to donate money to some relief fund or other. My advise would be please don’t. Japan is a rich country and with aids flowing all over, chances are that our donations to the n number of NGOs will not land up at the right place.
What we CAN DO :- Talking in an MBA language- Proactive maintenance is better than Preventive maintenance which is better than Corrective maintenance.
Corrective measure - send money to Japan, help them out of this disaster. When so many big countries and organisations are involved, we as individuals can do very little about it. No point pondering.
Preventive measure - Take safety precautions for Nuclear reactors in India, whether alerts/threats for coastal areas. Again, we as individuals can do very little about it. No point pondering.
Proactive measure- YES, here is the area where we all CAN help. The root cause of this disaster is environmental changes, rising temperatures and ecological imbalance. Scientists have warned time and again, that if we do not take measures now, life will come to an end. Japan is just a start, more is yet to come. Lets start will small steps -
  • Switch off the lights when not in use
  • avoid printouts- use soft copies to max extent possible
  • minimize paper tissues/cups in office (drink a coffee less- u will save a coffee cup)
  • avoid plastic and DO not waste food etc etc
Lets do our bit to prevent a disaster. Rest lets leave it on God and our futile governments to take care of.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

My cute grandma..

i cannot sleep and wake up at five
just wondering will you ever come back to life

where did u you go nani my heart thinks
tears roll down when my eyes blink

u taught me to laugh .. u taught me to cry
but you forgot to teach me why people die

i never called back, i had no time
had i known that humans are sublime

i cried i yelled and i wept
i had no choice but to accept

i lost my cutest sweetheart
and your loss left bruises in my heart

sometimes i wonder will this pain subside
or in my soul it will just hide

i can only pray that your sufferings cease
and may your soul rest in peace

The sour taste of ur aachar still tickles my tastebuds
U called me 'suneha' and it still rings in my ears
The sweetness of the khorakh that u made for us,
still lingers on my toungue..
We all loved you for u were the cutest grandma in the world..

Friday, January 7, 2011

I suggest you move on...

She says - 'I suggest you move on'..

You will suddenly feel as if earth has moved below your feet... Tsunami has struck your heart and there is a sudden rush of adrenaline in your brain.. you dont know how to react.. you want to stop it but you know somewhere inside that it wont stop..
You promised you wont be angry at her.. for a while you were thinking you were the most patient man on anwered all her questions so patiently and had answers to all her questions all this while.. but today there was nothing you had to say...
You knew this was going to happen.. but your heart is not ready to still believe it..
You fail to understand how can she be so heartless.. 
It took you 26 years to find a girl and like the icecream flovor she likes, but then she leaves you for no obvious reasons. you are left there disheartened, in a thoughtless state thinking the reason why she did so. you loved her and were willing to leave anything you had for her.
its difficult to forget someone so special and its even difficult to wait for someone...but you can forget her for her sake, or you can wait for a zillion years for her with just one assuring word that she will be back. But what should you do if you are not sure whether you should forget her or wait for her. she reserved a corner in your heart and that corner is hers forever.. no one ever can occupy that place and even she knows that.
She says 'I understand... but Hurting you hurts me equally'.. Understand??? Can she even understand 1% of what you are feeling now?? Hurting me hurts her ?? U will think there is nothing left in you to get hurt anymore....
She will say she dint do anything intentionally.... Intentionally?? then y did she even do it??
U know she was genuine all this while.. she is not heartless.. she is just too emotional.. but still you would scream at her..U want her to be hurt equally..but she would not be.. U r angry on her for the first time...

People will say you cant live without her.. but no.. here is the climax.. you can can live without her... but!!! but!!! you cannot live with someone else too... you know your life will never be the same.
you think she played with your heart.. with your emotions.. you fail to understand why she did it to you.. but then your heart takes over and you are left thoughtless... there are no egos.. no chauvinisms.. no grudges.. no anger..only one voice echos again and again...
"I loved you a lot.. a lot"...

All love stories do not have a happy ending.. but they are special in their own way..they may last for 30 yrs, 3 yrs or just 3 months.. there is no measure of the amount of happiness and pain it brings with itself.

Disclaimer- Dont think i have written it for someone... and plzz it is not aimed at anyone!!1

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Suffering from the "Grass Is Green" Syndrome !!!

Grass Is Green Syndrome (GIGS) is a very deadly syndrome which makes you think negetively about everything going on in your life, even though there is nothing wrong actually.
The name 'Grass Is Green' suggests that humans have insatiable desire for more.. we always think grass is greener on the other side of the fence.. life of others is more happening/peaceful than ours.. they are happier than us.. We always strive to live their life and forget about our own life.. but we are out of this syndrome once we realise that our life is so much better.. It is said that this syndrome majorly attacks men once they get married.. :P
Diagnosis of GIGS is not very easy... and if not diagnosed and treated on time may result in even more dissatisfaction in your life..
GIGS has not reported causes.. it can strike you anytime.. here are the symptoms--
Your default mode is 'Frustation'
You feel your job sucks.. its repeatative.. its boring..
You feel you are unlucky in love..
You strongly feel things will be better if you change your job or apartment or gf/bf.. whichever sucks most...
You feel drinking helps.. but actually it does not.. it worsens the syndrome..
I have underlined the word FEEL coz its all your perception... if you see around..
you realise you have so many things to cheer about.. nice paying job.. nice apartment.. nice friends.. amazing things happening in life.. but all this doesnt matter coz your perception is negetive..

I guess I was facing the Grass Is Green Syndrome sometime back.. but m just out of it..
Its time to Be Positive :)