Friday, September 3, 2010

" I wanna do Franship wid you "

I am sure everybody might have got the content of this blogpost just by looking at the title..

Friendship cannot happen over the phone or internet.. but "Fraanship" can. Welcome to the world of social networking.. where everyday you will get 5-6 friend requests from people you dont know.. and if you have uploaded a photo in which you supposedly look good.. then the number might increase to 15-18 on an average.. it seems everyone wants to do Fraanship with you... and if you dont accept those unknown requests, some people might even just crack your number and call you.. I dont know what will they get out of Fraanship with me.. All such things used to look very exciting when i was in my engineering but now it seems disgusting..
I see the younger generation and i feel pity for them.. the social networking sites have turned this world into a virtual market.. where people look for prospective Fraands/girlfrnds/boyfrnds. Students as young as 8th standard want to upload their best pics in orkut/facebook so that they can be noticed.. they chat with unknown people late in the night without knowing the danger of what lies ahead.. even people who are not very educated, who dont have a job and who dont have a proper social circle also have 200-300 friends list.. they look for females who have a phone number updated and call them.. instead of concentrating on the basics of education and life.
I realised this when i recieved a call from an unknown person..and i realised my mistake of updating my phone number on orkut. "I wanna do fraanship wid u" he said. and i said "Excuse me.. i dont even know you".. and kept the phone down.. and now the guy has got another activity to do-- "he is sending me messages.. ur voice is sweet.. can we talk.. can we b fraens etc etc.. " Thanks to the mobile companies who have come up with schemes for consumers -- "Rs 31 k recharge pe 5000 local/national msgs free".. and this is how those free messages are being used... Social networkin was build with a purpose to bring old friends together.. rather than being a menace of Franships which can turn into a nighmare.. nobody knows..

Corporate Life burning your fat or turning you fat...

Fat people are happy fact thats what is the first impression we get when we see a fat person... "खाते पीते घर का लगता है"... but thats not true..
As we joined the corporate world after MBA almost 3 months back.. we all have started looking like "खाते पीते घर का" but are we really the happy-go-lucky jolly people... i dont think so..
It seems the job has made us more frustated and boring of all people...we get up in the morning as usual.. no excitement.. no hopes.. no assignments like college.. attend office .. come back.. again sit over the laptop and watch some movies.. waiting for the weekend to arrive.. we are more lethargic than ever and it seems all the ambitions have died... infact after MBA i have seen that even in office we are not able to find good guys coz half of them are married and rest are in their 30s which makes them less attractive to flirt with.. leave flirt.. we dont even find good friend circle..
In childhood.. when we used to meet old friends after long time.. we used to say kitna lamba ho gaya.. 6 foot ka ho gaya etc etc..
Now.. when we meet our old friends.. we measure the changes by width.. 32 inch se 42 inch ka ho gaya.. and the changes can be seen in just 3-4 months...
Science has proved that depression leads to obesity.. so are we turining obese because we are happy or becoz we are sad... no body knows the answer.. but guys.. lets take a pledge that we will not be wanted to measured by our width or dullness.. we need to be youthful.. lets start being youthful once again.. lets start a new day as a fresh day like we used to do in college.. lets talk and laugh loud instead of just working.. lets walk instead of being a couch potato.. lets take stairs instead of the lift and lets again get in touch with old frinds and let them say... "Khate peete ghar ka lagta hai/lagti hai " :)